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Hillbilly OZ


The Hillbilly variety originates from Alabama, and grows across the southern US.  A favorite magic mushroom for folks down south and across the USA. The Hillbilly Cubensis is a moderately potent strain of Magic Mushroom.  Users report fun, uplifting highs with lots of laughs and spiritual introspection.  Great for social use.

Shipped discreetly and professionally with scent guards and a moisture absorber. When received, place in a dark area or your freezer. Keep away from children, obviously.

Minimum for fruit orders is 1 OZ. You may order more just email us for a quote.

For research and educational purposes only. Participants are urged to set intentions before ingesting, keep a journal, meditate and practice some sort of functional physical movement before or during your journey. (Yoga, tai chi, walking, etc) Daytryp products are intended for therapeutic, loving & healing purposes only.

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