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Thrasher Microdoses


Very High Potency PE Variety Strain – Limited Quantities throughout the month.

Dosage Recommendations

  • Mild Psychedelic Experience: .2-.4 Grams
  • Medium Psychedelic Experience: .5-1 Grams
  • Intense Psychedelic Experience: 3-5 Grams

Lab Tested and Pure:

  • Free from impurities
  • Lab tested
  • Does not upset the stomach compared to eating raw mushrooms
  • Super Fast absorption, incredibly potent, super clean and amazing healing benefits

The Thrasher variety is one of the most potent and spiritual strains out there. Even on a microdose level, daytrypper’s have noticed intense body highs, beautiful visions and peaceful inner-talk. It’s one of our favorites for when we’re seeking more a psychedelic and spiritual journey with friends and family.

Minimum order is 30. We harvest the thrasher only once a month because they grow patiently and slower then other strains.

DISCLAIMER: Please speak with your primary care doctor or psychiatrist before getting off ANY meds. We are not doctors.

Pure mushroom packages are available for all daytryp blends. Just email us. Minimum order is 1 OZ.

You must be 21 years of age or older to make a purchase from this website. All Daytryp plant medicine products are for healing purposes only.

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