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Trinity Fruit (OZ)


Trinity (Psilocybe Cubensis Trinity) is a strain originating from the state of Florida where the sub-tropic climate supports many species and strains of mushrooms to grow in the wild. It is unknown who developed this strain for commercial purposes. This is a rare strain, not many mycologists are producing spores or growing this strain due to its slow growth and challenging conditions.

The Trinity shrooms are characterized by brown/white, large caps and shorter stems. This strain requires very little natural light for growth and fruiting is a very slow process. Expect higher potency because of the larger caps to stems ratio.

Our staff have reported higher than average potency with lots of energy and visuals after consuming and a mild body high. The experience will differ from person to person and will depend on your set, setting and intentions.

Trinity us our main grower / Shaman’s favorite strain. She believes it gives her amazing clarity, confidence and visuals but even on a micro-dose. “It’s a strain you can take daily and flow with the good vibes all day long at work and just be HAPPY.”

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